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Sofa and carpet defines the opulence and comfort levels of your homes. One black spot and your pride is gone for a toss! We know your upholstery, carpets are exposed to constant wear & tear, dust, pollution etc and The are here to deep clean them all.

What do we include

Extend the Life & Beauty of Your Upholstery with Professional Carpet or Sofa Dry Cleaning Services

Tiny dust and dirt particles enter your home even through the tiniest crack. You may have a plush sofa and an elegant carpet in your living room to enhance your room’s appearance; but one drop of chocolate syrup or other colored substances may ruin their looks in an instant. Your carpet easily and quickly attracts dirt particles and it becomes challenging to remove the tough ugly stains. Nothing is impossible for the professionals of With carpet and sofa dry cleaning services, we can remove all types of stains without dampening the upholstery.

How we help you?

For sofa or carpet cleaning service, our cleaning experts ensure deep cleaning and thus use vacuum cleaners and upholstery cleaning machines.
Our vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters. These filters can hold the tiniest dust particles that pass through the creaks in your doors and windows, which frees your furnishing items from dusts.
The vacuum cleaning cannot remove the stains and we use upholstery cleaners for this task. Our proprietary machines use the dry-cleaning method to remove all stains. This method does not dampen the carpets or other furnishing items whilst removing the stains. Your precious carpets and sofas become spotless without any dampening mark.
Our trained cleaners clean the tops/sides of the furnishing items. They clean under and behind the tables, sofas and other furnishing items. These areas remain out of your sight and easily gather the dust thus we deeply clean your furniture for that sparkle.
We use world-class rotary machines with soft brushes and biodegradable cleaning solutions. They can wipe off any stain without causing any damage to your lovely upholsteries.
Our advanced upholstery cleaning service not only keeps your upholsteries free of dust, dirt and stains. It extends the longevity of all furnishing items and let you enjoy their performance for years.

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