THE MAIDS.IN represents a professional residential cleaning concept which is based on innovative ways of deep cleaning services. It is focused on bringing residential deep cleaning to every household. With a team of four cleaning professionals, fully loaded with the most modern cleaning equipment with a systematic approach, performing specialized cleaning services, we offer the most modern home cleaning system.

'Service with a Smile’

is our motto that reflects in the services that enhances your homes. All this is packaged and presented with complete flexibility and tailor-made solutions to ensure peace of mind.


We believe that Cleanliness is a state of mind and technology is just its manifestation. Cleanliness makes space for good health, prosperity and growth. It forms the core of our existence and achievements.

Focus on being creative, innovative and enterprising makes us develop new solutions for new age customers.

One-of-a-kind Clean! Call it Magic of our Hands!

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