Here are some common questions about theMaids.in

  • It’s cleaning on a superficial level
  • Cleans only easily accessible areas leaving the dirt/dust to accumulate in areas behind the sofas, above refrigerators,etc.
  • Lack of expertise
  • Absence of colour coding of dusters plus the accumulated dirt may lead to bacteria growth and allergies.
  • Usually brooms are used for everyday cleaning which only moves dust from one place to another.
  • It’s Deep Cleaning
  • The house is cleaned with a proper checklist, covering all grey areas like kitchen stoves, behind, under sofas and furniture, etc.
  • With 27 years of experience in the cleaning industry, all cleaning professionals are trained in our own academy.
  • Proper colour coding system with eco-friendly products and mechanized tools are used to cater to all your needs.
  • Vacuums with HEPA filtration system is used to remove the dust and also make the air 99.9% cleaner to breathe.

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THE MAIDS.IN Typical Franchise Small Local Company Independent Cleaner
24hr Satisfaction Guarantee
Steam Cleaning and Disinfection – Part of Basic Package
Detailed Cleaning Checklist
Professional Cleaning teams – using minimum 4 eyes principle everywhere
Professional Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies
Verified and Insured
No Contracts
No hassle payment Credit/Debit Card or by Cash
Law Abiding – including Service Tax
Time Conscious
Over the phone Estimate

A typical team would include one Team Lead supported by 3 Cleaning professionals trained by Indian Academy of Cleaning Science.

Our diverse packages are designed to cater to all your needs and give you the clean and healthy home you wished for. For more details about our packages kindly click here.

Of course! Our aim at THE MAIDS.IN is to create happy living and it starts with you. For a package designed only for you call +918130514514.

Not necessarily. But maybe you would want your in-house servant to overlook the entire process and get trained side-by-side besides just showing areas that need special attention and care.

Frequency of cleaning would depend on factors such as:

  • Are you looking at a CLEAN house or a HYGENIC house.
  • Do you have children or pets in the house.
  • External Environment and nature of use of the premise.
  • Size of the house.
  • Cleaning methods for routine maintenance.

Depending on the above factors we recommend the frequency of our Home Cleaning Packages from once a month to once a quarter.

Yes, we do offer Annual Maintenance Packages, which ensure cleanliness and hygiene throughout the year besides being attractively priced. Pricing of these packages would depend on frequency of service and your special requirements.

At THE MAIDS.IN we do task based cleaning for complete customer satisfaction. We have trained our professionals to be time conscious and clean a house of up to 5000sqft. within the same day including steam mopping and disinfection of your house.

All our professionals are well groomed and have been trained to cause minimal interference and work in a team keeping in mind our four eyes principle.

Our teams are self-sufficient and carry their own equipment and cleaning agents for standard cleaning jobs.

We understand there can be unforeseen circumstances and therefore the services can be rescheduled with a prior notice of two working days.

THE MAIDS.IN works for 100% customer satisfaction and therefore we are the only company that offers 24hrs satisfaction guarantee.

At THE MAIDS.IN we train our people to handle your property with utmost care. However, we advise you to remove items of high monetary or emotional value during the cleaning process. In case of any unforeseen circumstance, we will try to make good of it through Third Party Insurance as per the terms & conditions.

Give the gift of time! THE MAIDS.IN Gift Certificates are the best way to treat someone to a vacation from house cleaning. Click here to gift a service now and brighten your loved ones day!

At THE MAIDS.IN we specialize in all cleaning services only.

We always aspire to meet your expectations. We provide services with a Notice Period varying from four hrs. to next day depending on the date on Calendar and location of our team.

Thank you. We strongly believe that referrals and happy customers are the biggest motivation to grow. That’s why we serve every home with the same passion.

As a token of your good gesture we offer 10% discount on your next service, if your reference avails a service from us. That’s not all; with your compliments we also offer your referral a 10% discount.

We are a law-abiding brand and so all our invoices will carry Service Tax as applicable.

We offer hassle free payment option. You can pay us by cash or by Credit/Debit Card. All our teams are equipped with GPS enabled Credit Card Machines to avoid even the slightest of inconvenience to you.

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You can also write us at info@themaids.in or call us at 0120 - 2422725 / 08130514514


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