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Home Clean

Home Clean Package includes:
  • Living Room Deep Cleaning
  • Bedroom Deep Cleaning
  • Bathroom Deep Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Gardens/Lawns/Terrace
  • Steam Cleaning and Disinfection

Home Clean

Our cleaning experts magnify the appearance of your home and endow it with spic ‘n’ span beauty for you to entertain your guests in an ambience that looks as pristine and polished as a 5 Star hotel. Book Home Clean Package today!

Home Shine

Home Shine Package includes:
  • High Rise Window Cleaning
  • Floor Scrubbing and Buffing
  • Leather Conditioning

Home Shine

The team pulls out every speck of dirt lurking in the most inaccessible corner of your home which is otherwise overlooked at while daily cleaning. Book a Home Shine Package today!

Home Sparkle

One of kind Clean! Call it magic of our hands!

Home Sparkle Package includes:
  • Floor Polishing and Restoration
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing of Outside Area
Rates for calculating in amount section:

Single bed mattress

Double bed mattress

Did you know that your mattress needs cleaning every 6 months to 1 year to keep it maintained? It is highly effective in eliminating 99% bacteria that causes bad odour, household germs etc. Book mattress sanitisation today!

Floor Polishing and Restoration includes:

Scrubbing/buffing – For clean floors Rs.4/sqft for all kinds of floors

Scratch removal – To remove scratches & shiny floors

Rs.20/sqft for all kinds of floors

Floor Crystallization – For Shiny floors

Marble Floors – Rs.10/-sqft

Granite floors – Rs. 15/-sqft

Wooden Floors – Rs 8/-sqft

Diamond cutting and crystallization – For mirror finish floors –

Marble Floors – Rs.35/-sqft

Granite – Rs. 80/-sqft

Floors - the stone or wood used, design and texture beautifying them are an instant attraction. Well maintained, scratch and smudge free floors not only invite constant praise from neighbours and guests but also spread a healthy platform for children to play. Book Floor Polishing & Restoration today!

  • Scrubbing/buffing – For clean floors
  • Scratch removal – To remove scratches & make the floors shiny
  • Floor Crystallization – For Shiny floors –
    • Marble Floors
    • Granite Floors
    • Wooden Floors
  • Diamond cutting and crystallization – For mirror finish floors –
    • Marble Floors
    • Granite


Feng Shui recognizes the importance of a clean bathroom and we take good care in cleaning its nook & corner to maintain good energy. Book Washroom Cleaning today!

Glass Cleaning Incudes:

Accessible Glasses – more than 1000 sq ft

High Rise Glasses – more than 1000 sq ft

No matter how easy it looks we all know those soap marks left behind are tough to get rid of even after rigorous cleaning. The are here to ease your pain and give you a sparkling glass (windows) every time and let that sun shine brighter in your homes. Book Glass Cleaning today!

Sofa and Carpet Cleaning Includes:

Leather/ Leatherite Treatment

Fabric Sofa Dry cleaning

Chair Dry cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning - Small Carpet (less than 4ft.* 6ft) – Rs. 500 per carpet

Carpets size > (4ft x 6ft) – Rs. 7 per sqft

Sofa and carpet defines the opulence and comfort levels of your homes. One black spot and your pride is gone for a toss! We know your upholstery, carpets are exposed to constant wear & tear, dust, pollution etc and The are here to deep clean them all.

Entire Deep Office Cleaning

Sofa / Carpet / Chair / Pinboard Cleaning

Floor Cleaning and Polishing

Facade cleaning

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