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THE MAIDS.IN represents a professional residential cleaning concept which is based on innovative ways of deep cleaning services.

We realize that good health comes before everything else and it begins from your home.

Residential Cleaning

What do we include

For Beautiful and Sanitized Homes Professional Home Deep Cleaning Services Can Help!!!!

It is a challenging task to make every part of your house bright and clean. We at Maids.in are not afraid of such challenges. Whether it is a duplex or an apartment, we have the resources to accomplish home deep cleaning. We use organic cleaning products and tools to provide deep and sanitized cleaning in your property. Our professionals work quietly in the background and you can continue to attend your regular chores, without feeling their presence. Your wish is our command!!! Whether it is one room or all the rooms with outer area, our professionals are adept at working on any nature of cleaning task. We will remove cobwebs or grease from the kitchen walls with equal efficiency.

How our home cleaning services can help you?

Our work extends beyond the boundary that other service-providers draw. We do not just remove the dust/dirt from your space. We clean all the unsightly fingerprints and dark spots present on the panels of doors and windows, too. We also clean the switch-plates and make them glow. Our cleaning experts do not stop until they achieve flawless cleaning.
We use organic products and advanced tools to gently clean furniture and upholstery. Our vacuum cleaners and organic products effectively clean upholstery, cushions, curtains, pillows, mattresses without causing damage or leaving damp spots behind.
Our home deep cleaning service involves deep upholstery cleaning, floor, roof, wall cleaning and windows and doors.
We work at your convenience. You can select from our weekly or monthly professional home cleaning packages.

Professional sanitization services for domestic & commercial places

Cleaning commercial areas or your home used to be an easy task. But after the lockdowns began in the early half of 2020, everything changed. Businesses now confront the challenge of complying with the guideline of local workplace cleaning requirements. Along with ensuring employees that they can return to a safe environment. The same could be said about domestic situations, as we all want our loved ones to be protected. So, make sure to opt for home sanitization services in Delhi NCR to make a safe environment for yourself & loved ones.

With the better alternative now, one doesn't have to pour down into long hours of cleaning & sanitizing. Simply call a professional and they will do the efficient cleaning & sanitizing in just easy steps.

Today, more than ever, it is critical that your business, as well as your home, take the necessary precautions to help protect surfaces from hazardous viruses. We recognize the importance of maintaining a cleaner and more sanitary environment for people who work at or visit your commercial establishment. That is why themaids.in has created a unique technique that offers a new generation of microbiological protection in both business and residential areas.

Our professionals have extensive expertise and experience in a wide range of Sanitization services in Delhi NCR. Our entire procedure is meant to sanitise inanimate environmental surfaces like floors, walls, structures, ventilation, and other machinery. We sanitise your office and home by administering a disinfecting solution that combines numerous indoor disinfectant cleaning methods to reach and disinfect common and hard-to-reach locations, allowing us to sterilise huge areas in short periods of time with maximum effectiveness and least downtime.

Residential Cleaning

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