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THE MAIDS.IN represents a professional residential and office cleaning concept which is based on innovative ways of deep cleaning services.

Doorstep office cleaning services will restore the lost glory of your commercial property.

What do we include

Let Your Commercial Property Shine as Bright as Its Reputation with Professional Office Cleaning Services

The arrival of your customers, vendors and employees regularly can quickly turn your commercial property dirty. Without extensive cleaning program, it is hard to maintain the basic cleanliness in any commercial property. On the other hand, deep cleaning is not enough for commercial spaces with classy flooring or wall decorations. They may need a custom approach. Personalized office cleaning services of can fulfill your unique cleaning need.

How we help?

Air conditioning systems

Usually offices or commercial properties use central air-conditioning system. This type of AC unit uses multiple ducts to deliver cooled air through different rooms. The inside of these ducts remains cool and damp and soon they become hotspot for rodents and disease-spreading microbes. Our cleaning professionals can remove all unhealthy dwellers from the air-channelling ducts. We use small robotic cleaning machines to take pictures of a duct’s inside before cleaning. Their small body can fit inside any sized duct and can clean the inside with a rotating brush.

The workstation or the office rooms also require intensive cleaning. Our cleaning professionals use vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters to clean the workstations. They manually clean all the electronics to avoid any accidental damage to these items. The furnishing items in an office easily become dirty due to dirt and sweat. We use upholstery cleaning machines to remove the stains and dirt particles from all furnishing items. The washroom is another place that requires intensive cleaning. Our janitorial office cleaning services can remove tough stains and sanitize the washrooms at the same time. We use steam mopping machines to perform these tasks within a few minutes.

We know the value of your time and provide our commercial office cleaning services at your convenient hours. Whether it is early or late hours, our professionals are always available for you.

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