Home Shine Package includes -

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High - Rise Window Cleaning (upto 30 feet only)

Your ‘panes’ our pleasure
Sparkling clean windows are everybody’s dream. Sometimes the cleaning task may induce ennui and unwillingness at the sheer effort it would take. Whenever you feel the need to see through transparent and shining window panes to the world outside, just give us a call and we will take away your pain to gift you back wonderfully luminous windowpanes reflecting ample sunlight into your rooms.

Floor Scrubbing & Buffing

Get floored by ‘spotless’ cleaning
Floors - the stone or wood used, design and texture beautifying them are an instant attraction. Well maintained, scratch and smudge free floors not only invite constant praise from neighbours and guests but also spread a healthy platform for children to play. We actively perform scrubbing on floors right from centre to the hidden corners. Stubborn marks and scratches that were beyond the grasp of your daily mopping get removed easily. Both heavy-duty and light scrubbing tasks are done using different pads. Buffing is the process by which we make your floors more attractive by enhancing the gloss & sheen.

Leather Conditioning

Perfectly ‘coated’ for longevity
We realize how precious your leather jackets, shoes, bags and accessories are to you. Wearing/using them for years on end can induce drying out and cracking of the leather skin just like human skin. Proper and timely conditioning makes you avoid the embarrassment of wearing/using such badly transformed leather products. Our experts identify the kind of leather used in your jacket, coat, bag, accessories etc. and use the conditioner treatment most aptly suited to it. We have an excellent range of conditioners that moisturize\lubricate the leather fibre, protect them from stains and keep them looking great for years.

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One-of-a-kind Clean!
              Call it Magic of our Hands!