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We realize that good health comes before everything else and it begins from your home. Our products are manufactured to clean for your health and go beyond superficial cleaning. Our aim is to make your home 100% sanitized and disinfected by eliminating infection spreading bacteria and germs so that you reside in your personal heaven of comforts completely assured of safety with your loved ones.

icon Green Technology That Cleans

Green Technology That CleansCleaning your home doesn’t translate to harming our natural environment. We use green and eco-friendly products because we don’t want to just clean and go, but clean to leave behind health and natural air to breathe. As a corporate responsibility towards the society, we take care to make health, safety and non-hazardous work conditions our first priority.

icon Minimum Water Usage

Minimum Water UsageCleaning with 100% effectiveness doesn’t mean wasting gallons of water everyday but it means being more sensitive towards our water resources and perform ‘smart cleaning’.

icon HEPA Filtration Vacuum System

HEPA Filtration Vacuum SystemThe deep cleaning HEPA Filtration vacuum system used by us is capable of removing minutest of dust, debris, allergens, pollutants floating inside your home from the most hardest of corners inside your home. The indoors of your home are often tightly shut and less exposed to ventilation which deteriorates the quality of air you live and breathe in. It could also breed allergy and asthma symptoms in vulnerable people. In our HEPA Vacuum filtration system, all dust, bacteria, animal dead skin cells, fur, allergens and pollen is efficiently capture upto 99% - acting like a big filter through which emerges a pure and healthy home. For more detailed information on significance of HEPA Vacuum Filtration, click on the following links:

icon Team of Well - Trained Professionals

Team of Well - Trained ProfessionalsEach team comprising of four professionals clean by design, fully loaded with the most modern cleaning equipment, performing specialized cleaning services. Trained in cleaning science and housekeeping, they form a resourceful combination of Man & Machine with agile mind and hands and bringing to your home and office a touch of personal care and precision of world-class machines.

icon Safety First

cAll our cleaning professionals are police verified and handpicked from a pool of experienced manpower. It’s our commitment to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Maintaining the highest professional standards in providing cleaning services is the first step and ensuring the security of your premises our next priority.

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Time Sensitive1. Customer Understanding/ Minimal Interference
2. Well groomed people

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