Fabric Care:

We know your upholstery, carpets, rugs, window curtains are exposed to constant wear & tear, dust, pollution and dirty hands. The fabric textures are deep for day-to-day cleaning agents to reach and clean. Here we come to deep clean your expensive fabric with eco-friendly cleansers that don’t harm and amplify the textures of your precious fabric.

Upholstery Shampooing

Just like your hair, upholstery needs regular shampooing to wash off grease, sticky dirt and hard to remove stains. The upholstery is made of micro-fibres that become an accumulating stockpile of bacteria and harmful germs. We have world-class shampooing agents to deep wash clean your favourite upholstery. Our cleaning solutions don’t leave back stains, spots or shrink the fabric of your upholstery.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Swimmers desire taking refreshing dip into sparkling and clean pool waters! Dark and smudged water with surface floating of debris and spillovers is a big turn off for the most avid swimmers. A great looking swimming pool with crystal clear waters is essential for hygienic splash and aesthetics of your home. We have an expert swimming pool cleaning team that dexterously cleanses your favourite swimming pool inside & outside, with choice of one time cleaning or regular maintenance.

Floor Polishing

Floors of all types and grain involve investment of money and time. Over time through continuous foot traffic, dirt marks, food and drink spills even the best quality stone, marble or wood floors lose luster and fade off in texture. Through regular cleaning and maintenance of floors you can display beautiful floors the year round.

Duct Cleaning

Our indoor air is the air we come to from our workplace, market or college. Unknowingly we also bring with us pollutants. Air-conditioner ducts are hidden joints for dust, pollen, insects, rodent droppings, minute debris, dead skin cells and toxins. The dark ‘holes’ help mold and bacteria thrive in excess. Regular monitoring and cleaning of air ducts significantly improves air -flow and quality of air to breathe. Our team not only performs basic cleaning but also provide fresher air for your family to breathe in. Clean A/C and furnace ducts reduces the energy bills by increasing efficiency of the system.

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